Try One Of The Best VoIP Apps For Your Computer

You own a desktop machine and you want to use Voice over Internet Protocol on your device. But with so many options available, it’s hard to decide which software you should install, depending on your requirements. Here’s a list of programs you might want to try.


This is one of the most popular applications, offering free Skype-to-Skype audio and video calls and group calls, and has other tools such as a Skype number, sending SMS messages, call forwarding, Caller ID and calling landline or mobile phone from all over the world. You can organize video conferences using Skype credit or with a subscription plan and to customize your experience, you can install a plugin.


The Windows version of Viber syncs with your account and this way, you can send free instant messages, make phone calls or video calls to other friends who use Viber and have access to internet. If you have Viper on your smartphone, you can sync the contacts with the desktop and vice versa, being able to transfer calls between both devices. To use the app on your desktop, first you have to create a Viber mobile account.

Google Voice and Google+ Hangouts

Don’t mistake the two products. Google Voice allows you to make and receive telephone calls, to receive and transcribe voicemails, send SMS texts etc. Google’s intention is to integrate this product into Google+ Hangouts service – Google Talk’s replacement, which features instant messaging, video calls, conferences and group chat.


This is another instant messaging and voice/video calling service which includes other features such as text chat, video calls, messaging, a 12-way video conferencing, and you might want to add other features, to be able to invite non-ooVoo users to call you and you’ll prompt them to sign up and install the app. You can share files and screens and this will help you in your online meetings. If you’ll purchase premium credits, you’ll be able to make landlines calls in over 70 countries, and the rates are affordable.


Formerly known as GnomeMeeting, Ekiga is a free open source VoIP application which supports internet telephony protocols such as SIP and H.23. It has a new UI and offers free audio and video calls, call holding, forwarding, transfer, support for numerous audio and video codecs, but it lacks encryption.

Download Ekiga


KNCTR is free software that allows you to make free phone calls in US and Canada. We tested this software and found the quality of calls are superb compare to other competitors, however this software misses essential business features like hold calls, record calls, user Id and so on. Also, there is no version for Mac users.

Download KNCTR


Before Jitsi, it was SIP Communicator, written in Java and supporting more operating systems and internet telephony. It also supports chat protocols such as XMPP, SIP and YMSG and with it, you can make video and audio calls, send messages, share, hold calls, record calls etc. It has OTR encryption for calls and chats.


This multi-platform VoIP app has a great sound quality and automatic audio leveling, the communication is encrypted and you can even set your own server without paying licensing fees or having to rent server slots.


This is a very old VoIP program used by online gamers. It’s easy to use and supports groups of up to 8 members. Unfortunately, even if Ventrilo’s server software is free, there are some problems with adjusting audio settings because the program lacks an auto-leveling feature.